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StYle's To-Do List

Post  DeadlyDuel on Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:06 pm

In this topic I will list every bug found by myself or another player so "StYle" can fix & release a fix for such issues.

Issues may also be reported on our Discord Server: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

#1 - Shaman Totems - Call of Ancestors / etc doesn't work, and most of the totems don't do what their suppose to do

#2 - Cataclysm Event: Bosses are WAY TO BIG.. By the time you kill 2nd or 3rd boss, you can't see anything due to dead bodies covering the whole island in the dungeon, thus making it hard to kill the mobs that spawn with bosses, and complete the event.

#3 - Leveling: Although it is easy to some people, leveling 1-1000 is VERY challenging & some people see it as impossible, which is why our population can go from 8-14 online at night while they are all under level 1000, to 0.. Cause they get bored. - You should boost XP rates, or make the mobs give more experience the higher they get.

#4 - Transmogrification NPC: Transmogs reset after relog, making it hard to maintain a transmog.

More to come, in replies to this thread.

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